About Robert Grenier

photo_1A highly decorated twenty-seven year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Clandestine Service and a renowned expert on the Middle East, South Asia, and Counterterrorism, Mr. Grenier played a central leadership role in the greatest national security challenges of his time. When 9/11 struck, he was the CIA’s overseas Chief of Station for Pakistan and Afghanistan. After preparing the original War Plan for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, approved by President George W. Bush on September 24, 2001, Mr. Grenier went on to organize and direct the joint
CIA/Special Forces/Afghan militia teams which drove
the Taliban and al-Qa’ida from southern Afghanistan.

Later, as the U.S. prepared to invade Iraq, Mr. Grenier was brought back to Washington and named CIA Iraq Mission Manager, responsible for all CIA intelligence operations and analysis in that country, and representing CIA in all White House policy deliberations on Iraq for a two and a half year period.

In the final two years of his CIA career, Mr. Grenier was Director of the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center, responsible for all CIA counterterrorism operations around the globe. In 2006, he retired from the CIA and went into the private sector.

photo_2Earlier, Mr. Grenier was Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia, and a special assistant to the Under Secretary of State. He conceived and organized the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division, serving as its first Chief of Operations. He also headed the “Farm,” CIA’s basic training facility, where he authored the Clandestine Service’s Code of Ethics. Over the course of some 15 years, Mr. Grenier was a CIA case officer, running covert operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Grenier is a recipient of CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the DIA Director’s Award, the DCI Director’s Award, and the Donovan Award.

Since leaving government, Mr. Grenier has become a recognized expert in global risk management, serving for three years as Chairman for Global Security Consulting at Kroll, Inc. He is currently Chairman of ERG Partners, an investment bank providing financial advisory services for firms in the Intelligence and Security sector.

photo_3Mr. Grenier has appeared widely in U.S. and international media, and has been a featured speaker in the U.S, the Middle East, and India. He is a broadcast commentator for Al Jazeera English. His book, 88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary, will be published by Simon & Schuster January 27th, 2015. Mr. Grenier received an AB in Philosophy from Dartmouth College, and later did graduate studies in Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia. He serves on several Boards, including the CIA Officers’ Memorial Foundation, which educates the children of CIA officers killed in
the line of duty. He is a Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

When not sailing, he resides with his family in the Washington, DC area.

About ERG Partners


ERG Partners, founded in 2004, is an independent financial and strategic advisory firm solely focused on the security and intelligence sectors. ERG Partners provides M&A and corporate finance advisory services and assists its clients in the development and execution of their growth strategies. ERG Partners has extensive experience in cross-border and emerging markets transactions with a presence in New York, Washington and London