Yemen and the US: Down a familiar path


Washington, DC – In Washington, it’s a case of a good-news story gone very wrong: An intelligence success perhaps partly undone by political opportunism and indiscipline, amid signs that American policy in Yemen is set to repeat errors seen elsewhere. And in both cases, it is the political leadership in the US capital which is to blame.

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The Spies Who Got Left in the Cold


AS I reflect on disturbing events of recent weeks — the massacre of seven C.I.A. officers in Khost, Afghanistan, and the near bombing of Northwest Flight 253 on its way to Detroit — I can see in my mind’s eye a young man. He is Middle Eastern, with a thin, mustachioed face and pallid skin, and he stands nervously in the middle of a very public square, unnoticed amid a swirling crowd. Glancing furtively at his watch, he begins to walk, as he was instructed, along a prescribed route.

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